Personnel Security Program

Personnel Security Program


Security Courses




    The importance of training courses is not only limited to professional life, as most of us think but training courses aim to transfer knowledge and practical experiences that enrich the skills of individuals and enhance their self-confidence, which contributes to the preparation of cadres which in turn contributes to the development and progress of institutions. Therefore, Strategic Vision Training Center aims to enhance the skills and experiences of individuals through the strongest training programs to keep pace with every development in the labor market.


  • Providing the trainee with basic knowledge and skills in the field of protection and security for individuals, emergencies and disasters.
  • Theoretical information for the rules and regulations.
  • Theoretical and practical information for the concept of civil protection.
  • Supporting information in some other fields of civil defense

Who should attend?

  • Security personnel and supervisors in establishments and individual security

Course content:

  •  Defining the concept of civil protection and its objectives.
  •  Knowing the organizational structures of civil protection, its tasks and responsibilities.
  •  Determining the types of emergencies and disasters and the actions and procedures necessary to confront them.
  •  Knowledge of individual protective equipment, how to wear it, and levels of wear.
  •  Carrying out civil protection works and measures in cases of emergency and disasters (warning - evacuation - accommodation - medical evacuation - relief - restoring conditions ... etc.).
  • Carrying out monitoring, detection and measurement of hazardous materials and intervention in confronting them.
  •  Carrying out disinfection and decontamination with hazardous materials.