Effective Practices of Purchasing Department in Achieving Cost Optimization Course

Effective Practices of Purchasing Department in Achieving Cost Optimization Course




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There is no doubt that managing the purchasing department in the twenty-first century is not an easy task at all. Today's global economy makes the purchasing process more and more complex.

In this course we will look at how to manage suppliers from different companies and organizations that are thousands and thousands of kilometers from your factory, while saving costs and not just a small amount of money. We will see how purchasing management fits into the overall function of supply chain operations. Procurement correctly to achieve all of its KPIs.

  • Defining the strategic role of the purchasing department
  • Carry out a thorough assessment of suppliers
  • Develop effective negotiation strategies with all suppliers
  • Determine the importance of purchasing value analysis
  • Evaluate the performance of the purchasing department using appropriate Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)
  • Improving the efficiency of the purchasing department

Who should attend?

Individuals serving as Senior Purchasing Officer, Purchasing Supervisor, Purchasing Managers and other managers who need an understanding of Purchasing Management.

Course content:

  • Strategic Procurement Management
  • commodity value analysis
  • Department management
  • negotiating
  • Ethics of Purchasing
  • Supplier Evaluation